When a man finds himself in a difficult situation, he usually searches for ways out of it, actively fights, and wins. Why then according to our health do we have a passive attitude? Why, when we get sick, do we become totally helpless and rely only on doctors? Every man should know the effective system of self-healing, in order to have the ability help yourself and others.

What is Su Jok Therapy?
Su Jok acupuncture therapy is a therapy that originated from Korean traditional medicine, and applied by treating the hands, feet and nose of patients, or hands and feet. The approach to this type of therapy is in the title itself: Joka Su Su, meaning hand and foot. The therapy has similarities with classical Chinese acupuncture, as used in the therapy of acupuncture needles, but are slightly smaller than the classic, but it does not treat the whole body of the patient, rather the hands and feet. The Su Jok therapy method of treatment, working on the hands or feet, are among the best self-help methods that are known today.

What is an accessory used in the Su Jok treatment?
The Su Jok treatment uses: Diagnostic sticks of various shapes and sizes; rollers; elastic rings massage, magnets, micro-magnets such as the star magnets, SN (bio-meridian magnets), Chakra magnets, long magnets; mini and micro moksha; seeds and many other natural materials; Su Jok micro needle inserter for inserting needles; Medical Su Jok lamp etc …

Dates and venue
City: Kosta Racin 4, Belgrade
Dates: 18th, 19th, 20th and September 21;
Registration and booking for the seminar can be made by:
Contact: Mary Bralović, tel: +381 32 80 22; mob: +381 63 60 37 47;

e-mail: sujok@eunet.rs