International symposium on medicine spirit/body in Ayurveda will be held on 15 and 16th May in Stari grad Municipality Hall in Belgrade.

The Symposium aims at introducing and understanding Ayurveda as the oldest and most comprehensive natural medicine system and encouraging its integration into the health system of Serbia. Health Council of Serbia has accredited the Symposium on medicine spirit/body in Ayurveda as the first category symposium to make this ancient way of nourishing perfect health available in our country.

General practitioners, doctors of ayurvedic medicine, health workers, traditional and alternative medicine practitioners, nutritionist, pharmacists, ayurvedic technicians, students of medicine, aroma therapists, yoga and fitness experts have been cordially invited to participate. Each participant shall be awarded with a Certificate of attendance in line with the topic they were present at.

Agenda, details and instructions for registration are available at www.ayurvedacongress.org