Music SFERA (Sphere) is the first composition from the project called ‘A minute to timelessness’. 

Each composition incorporates a precisely defined frequency having a healing effect on the whole body and its energy levels.

Forgotten’ frequencies have been used that cannot be heard in a classic ‘western scale’ way of tuning instruments. Hence, we cannot hear them in the music we are used to listening. These frequencies are somewhere between usual scale keys, in which key A is tuned at 440Hz.

Healing effect of this sound has been increased if, while listening to it, we focus our awareness on our heart. Here, there is a centre connecting us with all ‘realities’.

Instruction while listening : relax, and focus awareness on the heart region. Breathe deeply, first couple of inhales and then relaxed breathing should take over and let it go…


VOCAL : Tatjana Karajanov - homoeopathist, lecturer at Hahnemann School of Homeopathy,
SOUND RECORDING: Branislav Micić - master of sound recording and design, professor of ‘Music technology’ module at Novi Sad Academy of Fine Arts.