‘Association Tree of Life’ was promoted in a famous Belgrade restaurant ‘Dijagonala’ on 21st Feb 13, attended by a number of invitees, celebrities and media representatives. The association was founded by Elena Karaman Karić who also presented the first public campaign of this Association called ‘For Organic Serbia’…

Association Tree of Life was set up aiming at sharing positive information, values and experiences in healthy nutrition area, personal development and natural healing methods and has already got together a great number of both medical practitioners and natural medicine experts, homoeopathists, organic food and products manufacturers, personal development coaches…

Elena Karaman Karić, founder of the Association, was the first one to address the audience, saying: ‘…while working and trying to define the mission of the Association - Whole world is awake, one thought was constantly on my mind: the whole world should be like Bhutan. This is a country of very much spiritual and good people, the official slogan of which is increase of national happiness, nowadays, when the purpose and essence of all developed countries is being measured by national income growth. This country respects the nature so much that its mountains are holy and a human foot is not allowed to go above 3000m. Hence, the nature has been respected and left alone to live its intact life. All people, regardless any external circumstances, are full of love and gratitude. We wish to see the world of interest be replaced by the world of sense. This is the origin of our slogan WHOLE WORLD IS AWAKE and one of our main guidelines is that heart sees best!’

Nina Martinović, KOSMOS (Cosmos) legendary show author held a short lecture as a part of the official programme on importance of reconnection with the nature that solely ‘knows all answers’.

The Association’s friend and associate Prof Dr Nikola Čanak, doctor, motivator, writer and internationally renowned lecturer spoke about importance of harmonisation and love for the most important person in our lives - ourselves and mental magnetism.

Ranko Rajović, one of Mensa founders and a member of Mensa International Committee for Gifted Children, who presented a shocking data that intelligence of our children is lagging behind in comparison with children from other countries and that we are among the last ones in Europe when it comes to functional knowledge. Dr Rajović pointed at mistakes parents make by alienating children from the nature, playing and exercising, since a child makes 40.000 fewer motoric moves in the course of four hours spent at a computer, which is a key to development of synapsis in the brain, i.e. functional intelligence development.
Dr Tatjana Karajanov, a homoeopathist and music therapy author, underscored that ‘there is a perfect town where all residents know everything about everyone and functional in prefect harmony, and that is our body and we should listen more to our body since it’s a temple of our soul.’

Following presentations, the first public education campaign ‘For Organic Serbia’ was presented with all its participants, 13 celebrities from different fields: Branislav Lečić, Maja Volk, Nina Radulović Lečić, Dača Ikodinović, Danijela Karić, Filip Filipović, Jelena Tomašević, Anita Lazić Todorović, Ilda Šaulić, Biljana Cincarević and Siniša Ubović.

Campaign ‘For Organic Serbia’ aims at promoting organic food and enhancement of organic production in Serbia, which is not only extremely important for individual wellbeing of every person, but for our county’s economic development as well.

‘Serbia has fields the size of one Switzerland or one and a half of Belgium! This is a fantastic potential, particularly nowadays when the whole world is increasingly coming to its senses and when the need for organic food is ever growing! Current milk scandal has revealed that we actually do not know what we consume, what we buy in supermarkets or on green markets. Who controls food, controls the world,’ Elena Karaman Karić noted, pointing at importance of this campaign that should motivate wider public join us fighting for healthier food and healthier environment for us and all future generations.