Besides familiarisation with the association itself, the first public education campaign will be presented, in which the focus will be about the importance of turning towards nature, organic food and products. Chosen celebrities, holders, and promoters of this media campaign will be presented as wel.


  • Elena Karaman Karić - Mission,Vision and the Program
  • Nina Martinović - KOSMOS (Cosmos) legendary show author- Being connected: Who are we with nature and what are we planning to do?
  • Dr Nikola Čanak, University Professor, doctor, motivator, applied psychologist, internationally renowned writer - About mental magnetism
  • Ranko Rajović, Doctor, UNICEF associate for early education, author of the NTC learning programme applied in 15 European countries, Member of the Mensa Committee for Gifted Children - About a wholesome, natural way of rasing children in order to form happy,creative and strong individuals
  • Tatjana Karajanov,Homoeopathist, lecturers at Hahnemann homeopathy school, Serbia’s representative in the European Homoeopathist Central Council, co-author of the music therapy project called ‘A minute to timelessness’
  • Presentation of the campaign FOR ORGANIC SERBIA
  • Music performance - Maja Volk and band - Music for good thoughts
  • Organic Art Cuisine - Vlada Melentijević and friends