About us

Drvo života (Tree of Life) Association has been established in order to raise awareness about the importance of nature preservation, organic and consistent nutrition, and spiritual development through the exchange of relevant information as well as through the networking of like-minded people. The association was created and developed by Elena Karaman Karić; inspired by her passion to share with others the very things that have improved her life. Ranging from preparing incredibly delicious organic meals, to the presentation of concrete methods and techniques for emotional relief and healing, Elena’s ambition is to help improve the lives of her fellow human beings as well. The concept of this portal should facilitate readers to access information with ease, save time, inspire others to enhance and reach their highest potential, and pro-actively work on their individual development, and achievement of personal happiness.



Creation of a platform utilized for exchanging information, knowledge, and experience pertaining to physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing. It is also our goal to network and present all manufacturers of organic food, organic products, and representatives of organic tourism. We will also feature those dealing with various natural healing techniques and spiritual development, aiming at assisting and inspiring every person on his/her way to personal self-fulfillment.

Key values

  • Respecting the nature
  • Measure (balance) embedded in all activities and decisions
  • Respecting diversities
  • Openness for cooperation within a defined mission
  • Sense above interest
  • Everyone matters to us
  • Heart sees best
  • Positive attitude towards developing ideas and problem resolving
  • Creativity as working principle